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The Right Talent For Your Business

Since 1993, Fusion has been matching talented individuals with the vision of our clients.


With over 30 years of nationwide experience, our expertise makes us the perfect partner to meet your staffing needs. 

Whether you’re looking for full-time professionals or temporary solutions, we can help find the best candidates to join your team. Let us help take your business to the next level

Recruiting Made Easy

Fusion Business Recruiting lets companies of all sizes find outstanding candidates for their specific hiring needs. We believe each client is unique, so our Fusion recruiters take the time to learn your company, its culture and its needs, equipping us to find the perfect hire for your business. We can even assist in prioritizing and defining role requirements, updating job descriptions, and evaluating compensation structures against current industry standards. 

Your Fusion Business Recruiting Package includes: 

  •  Creation and management of job posting by your Fusion Recruiter

  •  Listing of job on national hiring platforms (LinkedIn, Indeed, etc.)

  •  Screening of all applicants based on your company’s priorities and requirements 

  •  Verification of references

  •  Pre-introduction interviews for each candidate 

  • In-person and video interview scheduling with your team

  •  Rejection of non-selected candidates handled by Fusion Recruiter 

  •  Background checks and drug screening prior to formal employment (optional) 

You Remain In Control

With Fusion Business Recruiting, it’s not just the final hiring decision that’s yours; YOU remain in control throughout the entire selection process. 

You choose: 

  •  How many candidates you speak with

  •  Which member(s) of your current team are involved in interviews 

  •  How you interview (phone, video call, in-person) 

  •  Whether your company’s name is disclosed 

  •  Whether your contact information is shared


Pay For Results

Recruiting is a process. We strive for excellence, and you won’t pay until we achieve it. At Fusion, payment is spread over installments during the process to ensure you are satisfied with our work and your new team member. 

  •  Only pay a retainer fee to get started

  •  No further payments until you hire your Fusion-sourced candidate 

  •  Final balance due after 90 days of candidate’s employment
       (or earlier assignment end, if applicable) 

Business People

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